Monday, 22 January 2007


If this made you smile, please show your appreciation at

Note: no toast women were at risk during this photo.


StoryCharms said...

He seems sincere, but I suspect the girls' a bit of a ham. Best of luck to both of them, and best wishes to Women At Risk!

Anonymous said...

I eat toast for breakfast everyday,
yummy yummy in my tummy!

Anonymous said...

As long as men are alive there will always be Women at Risk..

Howard said...

Hi Toasty

Nice expansion on the initiative.

I've featured you on UK Fundraising at

which is currently the top front page news item.

Howard Lake

Toasty said...

Hi Howard,

Great article - thanks for the exposure, and of course deserve all the praise they get! We're all racking our brains* here to come up with something equally brilliant.

Stay toasty

* toast wrack?